Reconstruction, innovation and investment in full swing

We are pleased to inform you that our nursery is constantly striving to adapt to new needs and improve the quality of our services. We are currently undergoing a major overhaul during which we will be opening 3 brand new classrooms.

We consciously invest in our premises and facilities to provide the best for our children and parents. Our goal is to continuously improve and come up with new innovations to adapt to changing needs and expectations.

We know that childhood is a critical time in the life of every single child, so we try to create the best possible conditions for our little visitors. We believe that our continuous efforts to improve our environment and services will be reflected in the satisfaction of our parents and in the growth and development of the children in our care.

We would like to thank you for your trust and support and we would like to invite you to take a tour of our new premises, which will certainly be available for all the children in our care. We will strive to continue to bring new innovations and improvements for our young visitors and their families.