are private sports kindergarten

with professional coaches, teachers, educational program, clubs, own kitchen, sports area, environmental garden, swimming pool and gym – and all this and much more we offer you under one roof at the famous address Alejová 2, Košice . Our 10 years of experience in childcare guarantees that your child will feel safe, supported and stimulated at every stage of their development.

Celebrating 10 years of experience

The private sports kindergarten was established in 2013. Today it is a modern 7-class kindergarten included in the network of schools and school facilities of the Ministry of Education. At 10. Anniversary we are expanding our premises and after complete reconstruction 1. floors we are opening 2 more brand new, fully equipped modern classrooms under one roof. The kindergarten has a 20-member team of professional and certified teachers, swimming coaches, a ballet coach, a gymnastics coach, a ball games coach, a school speech therapist, an English language teacher, two cooks, operational staff and several external collaborators and experts primarily in the field of education, sports and pre-school training.

SŠMŠ is a place where your child can feel at home, where he/she has everything he/she needs for his/her development and where he/she has the opportunity to develop in different areas of his/her life. Our 10 years of experience in childcare ensures that your child is in safe hands and receives the best possible care.



for children of all ages


under one roof

Our kindergarten has all the necessary equipment under one roof, which brings many advantages to parents and children. Our kindergarten on Alejova 2 is equipped with its own kitchen, sports area, environmental garden, swimming pool and gym. 7 modern classrooms, its own sports complex and the largest transport playground in Košice directly opposite the kindergarten make it an ideal place for all-round development of your children.



Alejová 2, 040 11

Private swimming pool and sauna

Chlorine-free swimming pool
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Own gym

Interior and exterior
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Own kitchen

Top equipment
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Enviro garden

Own sports park
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Private parking

Directly in front of the building
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State-of-the-art equipment

For all activities
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Educating children in a playful way

Educating children in a playful way allows children to learn and develop their skills in a welcoming and stimulating environment that promotes their interest and increased motivation.


Monika Rohrerová

Director of the kindergarten

Our kindergarten director is a professional with nine years of teaching experience. In addition, she has successfully completed all Montessori courses, making her equipped to guide and support the healthy development of children in kindergarten.

Her relationship with the children is very positive and empathetic, creating a welcoming and safe environment where children can feel comfortable and worry-free. Her interest in children and their development, combined with her expertise, allows her to create an optimal educational program and provide quality care.

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Her discerning approach to staff selection is a testament to her commitment to quality childcare. They always strive to find and select the best candidates who are responsible, empathetic and professionally skilled so that the children receive the best possible education and care.

Nursery director from 2020

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