Excellence and caring is not just a word to us, but a commitment that our entire staff approaches every day with a commitment to providing the highest quality environment for your child’s growth.

Exceptionalism is not just a word for us

Education and pre-school training in our kindergarten is a priority for us. The early years are crucial for the formation of the dieter to build the foundation for their subsequent education and overall development. Therefore, it is important to us that our kindergarten offers quality education and training. In our kindergarten, we create a stimulating environment that supports the healthy growth and development of children.

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Education and pre-school training is a priority for us

The first years are crucial for the formation of a child for building their foundation, their subsequent education and overall development. Therefore, it is important to us that our kindergarten offers quality education and training.

In our kindergarten, we create a stimulating environment that supports the healthy growth and development of children. Our Kindergarten has qualified and certified teachers who are experts in the field of early childhood education and know how to support children’s development.

SŠMŠ offers a variety of programs and activities to help develop children’s motor, language and cognitive skills. Exercises to improve skills and coordination, games to develop communication and social behaviour, as well as creative activities and games that encourage children’s creativity and imagination.

Mornings are focused on educational activities where children can learn English and play a variety of games and playful activities. At the same time, they also stay outdoors and walk in nature. In the afternoons we do circle activities such as dance, drama, creative workshops, yoga, balance boards, music education, transport education and environmental education. The aim is for children to discover their interests and talents and develop in areas they enjoy.

In addition, we have sports activities for children. Twice a week we do swimming and gymnastics, once a week we play football or basic ball games. We try to give children the basic knowledge and skills in different sports so that in the future it will be easier for them to decide which sport they enjoy the most. Trainings are conducted by professional trainers who are specialists in their respective fields.


Our kindergarten is also dedicated to the development of children’s personalities. That’s why we have a speech therapist, a psychologist in our team and we also offer vision measurement. In addition, we try to involve the children in various activities outside the nursery, such as visits to falconers, museums, parks, farms, zoos, puppet shows and various sports activities such as ice skating and skiing. All these activities are provided with the help of our own bus and qualified guides.

After completing our pre-primary education, children are ready to enter primary school. They will receive a certificate of completion of pre-primary education and will have a basic level of English. In summary, the development of education and pre-school training in our kindergarten is aimed at promoting the overall development of children. Qualified teachers, a stimulating environment, an individualized approach and a variety of activities are an excellent foundation for your child’s next stage of development.

Professional trainers

Our sports kindergarten is a place where children can learn to love sports. Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle while developing children’s physical and motor skills at an early age. That’s why we’ve created a program that includes swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and the basics of ball games.

Two hours of swimming and two hours of gymnastics per week are for children who are new to these sports. These classes cover the basic techniques and skills that are important for proper and safe exercise. Our experienced coaches focus on an individual approach and ensure that children feel comfortable and safe.

One hour a week is set aside for learning football and the basics of ball games. This program focuses on the development of coordination, motor skills and cognitive functions that are important for these sports. In addition, children are taught the basic rules and tactics that are necessary for successful play.

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Winter sports are also part of our programme. Under the supervision of certified and professional coaches, children learn to skate and ski. These activities are fun while encouraging the development of balance, coordination and strength.

Our priority is to make the children feel natural and enjoy their time in our sports nursery. We want them to love sport and to carry it with them into the future. That’s why we have created a program that is tailored to the needs and abilities of each child. We believe that our sports nursery offers an excellent foundation for a healthy and active life.

Exceptional activities and rings

In our preschool we value the diversity and individuality of each child. That’s why we have prepared a wide range of club activities for them, focusing on different areas of interest and supporting their development at the same time.

In our kindergarten we offer a dance club, which is designed for children who like dancing and movement. This class focuses on different dance styles and techniques that promote coordination and various motor skills.

The drama club is ideal for children who are interested in theatre and acting. This club focuses on the development of language skills, creativity and imagination.

Creative workshops are designed for children who like to express themselves creatively. This club focuses on the development of artistic and creative skills, which are important for the development of imagination and creativity.

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Yoga is an activity that helps children improve coordination and balance. This class focuses on learning a variety of yoga exercises and techniques that promote health and overall well-being.

Balance boards are perfect for kids who like a challenge and want to try something new. The focus of this circle is on developing balance and coordination through a variety of balance exercises.

The music club is for children who like music and want to learn to play different musical instruments and get acquainted with different genres of music.

Traffic education is important for every child, as they learn correct road behaviour and various safety rules. This club focuses on learning different rules and skills that are important for safe behaviour on the roads.

Environmental education is part of our offer because we want children to be aware of the importance of protecting nature and the environment. We show the children how to separate waste, There is also our enviro garden in the school grounds, where we grow and learn the names of plants (fruits, vegetables and herbs) with the children. Each class has its own field.

We also build a relationship with nature in our children through trips and visits, e.g. surroundings of the Hornád River, the lake in the Nad Jezero housing estate, the botanical garden of the University of Applied Sciences Košice, the ZOO, the East Slovak Museum, etc.

The kindergarten has an environmental management system certificate.

In our preschool we are constantly trying to bring new and interesting activities that contribute to the overall development of your children. That’s why we have prepared exceptional activities for them, which they will certainly not experience in every kindergarten.

We have a speech and language therapist available to help children improve their speech and acquire correct pronunciation. We also have a psychologist who works with children with emotional and social development problems. To ensure your children’s vision health, we have vision measurements and checkups available for them.


In addition, we try to teach the children about the importance of healthy teeth, so we have arranged for them to visit the dentist. The falconers also share their knowledge and experience with the children, showing off their birds of prey and teaching the children about nature and animals.

We want our children to be not only good athletes, but also to have an insight into culture and history, so we visit museums and theatre performances. To make children aware of the importance of nature conservation, we provide trips to parks, farms and zoos.

In addition, we have winter sports such as ice skating and skiing for children to enjoy winter fun. Our kindergarten also organizes an outdoor school where children can try various outdoor activities. We also organize a night in the nursery where children can get acquainted with the environment in which they learn every day and have fun with a great program.Traditionally, the nights in the nursery are organized from Friday to Saturday.

Creative workshops are a daily occurrence here and they are not just reserved for children. We are also happy to involve parents who can try creative activities together with their children. We believe that these exceptional activities contribute to making your children feel comfortable in our nursery and develop not only intellectually, but also physically and emotionally.

Saving parents time, energy and money

Welcome to our nursery, designed to save parents time, energy and money. In our kindergarten, children learn everything they need for a successful start in life. We are open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, so parents don’t have to worry about not having enough time for work or other commitments.

Our experienced and qualified coaches and teachers will make sure your children gain all the necessary skills and knowledge. Children will learn to swim, cycle, count, write, play ball games, practice gymnastics and even English.

One of our main priorities is to ensure that children have absolutely everything they need in our nursery. This means that parents don’t have to worry about other after-work activities because the children already have them included in our education plan.

Trust us and leave your children in our care. We are here to help them reach their potential and gain all the skills and abilities they need to live a successful life.

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Safe environment

At our nursery, we care very much about the safety and well-being of your children. We believe that safety is a top priority in all our activities and we have equipped our nursery with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

In our nursery you will find professional air purifiers that take care of the cleanliness and air quality in every room. In addition, we have also invested in top-quality flooring with certificates that guarantee a safe and anti-allergic environment for children.

Our main goal is to provide a safe environment where children can play and learn freely. That is why we have employed only professional and qualified teachers who are professionally trained and have years of experience in working with children. Our teachers are very caring and look after each child individually.

At our nursery, you can count on your children being in safe hands. We believe that our state-of-the-art equipment and the professional approach of our teachers guarantee the safety and well-being of all children in our nursery.

Year-round operation

Our nursery is open all year round, including the summer holidays, except between Christmas and New Year. For parents, this means they can work without the stress of finding a caregiver during the summer. For children, this means fun, education and new experiences even during the summer months.

The year-round operation of the kindergarten itself has many other advantages. As well as providing childcare throughout the year, the nursery also helps parents to ensure continuity and stability in childcare. Parents do not have to look for alternative solutions for holidays and days off. Year-round operation also allows children to maintain a regular schedule, which helps build routines and increases their sense of security.

Children can continue to develop their skills and abilities throughout the year, not just during the school year. This allows them to gain more experience and new knowledge, which is very important for their development.

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Professional staff

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