Reconstruction, innovation and investment in full swing

We are pleased to inform you that our nursery is constantly striving to adapt to new needs and improve the quality of our services. We are currently undergoing a major overhaul during which we will be opening 3 brand new classrooms. We consciously invest in our premises and facilities to provide the best for our children and parents. Our goal is to continuously improve and come up with new innovations to adapt to changing needs and expectations. We know that

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We are opening the Nursery on our 10th. Anniversary

We are pleased to announce that our kindergarten celebrates 10. Anniversary of its opening and with it a new renovation and expansion of services. We are pleased to introduce our brand new and modern nursery for the youngest children. Our nurseries are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for children as young as 1 year old. We are confident that parents will find a great place for their child to thrive and grow in a comfortable environment. Our

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Our kindergarten celebrates 10. anniversary of its opening

We are happy to announce that our kindergarten celebrates 10. anniversary of its opening and for this anniversary we decided to modernize our premises. Part of this renovation was the opening of three brand new classrooms, which allowed us to increase the capacity of our kindergarten. These new classrooms have been designed to be both modern and comfortable for the children. Each classroom is equipped with high quality furniture and modern technology that allows for more effective learning and fun

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