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Recommendations for parents when choosing a kindergarten

Kindergartens are established under Act No. 596/2003 Coll. 596/2003 Coll. on State Administration in Education and School Self-Government and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “Act No. 596/2003 Coll.”) and subsequently included in the network of schools and school facilities. Completion of pre-primary education in kindergarten is not compulsory. The name “kindergarten” is only given to establishments that have fulfilled the conditions of Section 16 of Act No. 596/2003 Coll. and are included in the network of schools and school facilities of the Slovak Republic (the law only knows the name “kindergarten”, not “nursery”; the use of the name “kindergarten” often creates the mistaken impression that it is a “kindergarten”). Only in these kindergartens is the parent guaranteed that:
his/her child completes pre-primary education, the quality of which is guaranteed by the state, educational activities are provided by pedagogical staff meeting the qualification requirements in accordance with Act No.317/2009 on pedagogical staff and professional staff and on amendment and supplementation of certain laws, as amended, and the Decree of the Ministry of Education No. 437/2009 Coll, which determines the qualification prerequisites and special qualification requirements for individual categories of teaching and professional staff, educational activities are carried out in accordance with the school educational programme developed in accordance with the objectives and principles under the Education Act, educational activities are carried out in accordance with pedagogical and psycho-hygienic principles, respecting the uniqueness of the child and the playful nature of education, educational activities, the management of the kindergarten and the conditions of pre-primary education are monitored and evaluated by the State School Inspectorate, The operation of kindergartens is regularly inspected by the relevant regional public health authorities, teaching staff carrying out educational activities must be continuously trained to provide pre-primary education in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge and to use interactive methods that support the holistic personal development of the pre-school child.

What does a child need in our kindergarten:
Items you bring to the nursery must be marked with your name. Most of the time, children don’t recognize their belongings and we avoid unnecessary worry about losing them. Dress the child especially comfortably so that he can manage self-care activities on his own. Adapt your clothing to the season and the current weather. Put spare clothes in his locker, the teachers will already evaluate whether to put on warm or thin clothes. The child will draw a lot, paint, play with sand, water, exercise, so please do not dress your children in expensive clothes, which then get damaged. The teachers will give you advice on what the children feel best in and what you should not forget.

A child in our kindergarten needs:
swimsuit (neoprene for the little ones)

We provide:
bed linen,
a waterproof tarp,
pillow (summer, winter), cushion,
wet wipes,
toilet paper,

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