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After 10 years of experience, we are opening a new modern nursery right in our building under one roof on Alejova 2, in Košice.

Our private nursery is a place where your child can feel safe and comfortable. It is important to us that the nursery is well equipped, with modern facilities and a pleasant atmosphere. Our high quality private nursery will also offer quality playful education and care.

One of the advantages of private nurseries is the smaller number of children in the classes. This allows for more individualised care for each child, which helps to create a better relationship between carers and children. Nurseries offer greater flexibility in opening hours and the ability to adapt to the needs of each family.

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When selecting our caregivers, we have taken into account the qualifications and experience of the caregivers and the design of the educational programmes available for the children. Our private nursery will offer an educational programme in a playful and fun way that focuses on the child’s overall development, including language skills, cognitive development, motor skills and social behaviour.

We have a variety of fun and educational games and activities to help children learn new things and develop their interests. The caregivers are friendly, caring and attentive to each child’s needs.

Nursery is an environment where your child can feel safe and where they can learn and develop their skills and interests. If you are looking for the best private nursery for your child, we believe we are the right choice , we would be happy if you come and see us and judge for yourself.

About us

Our nursery programme:


Professional staff

Open all year

7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Everything is provided by us

We are opening a new modern JASLE

After 10 years of experience working with children, we are opening a modern nursery in our renovated premises with many unique features, proven from the kindergarten. The nursery will open in June 2023 and accept children as young as one year old, who will be supervised by a team of professionals.

Excellence and caring is not just a word to us, but a commitment that our entire staff approaches every day with a commitment to providing the highest quality environment for your child’s growth.

See the result of our 10 years of work in SŠMŠ.


If you are ready to get more information, we would be glad if you visit us