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Meet our team of teachers, professional coaches and expert staff ready to care for your children.

Monika Rohrera

Director of the kindergarten

Our kindergarten director is a professional with eight years of teaching experience and the highest possible professional education in the field of pedagogy. In addition, she has successfully completed all Montessori courses, making her equipped to guide and support the healthy development of children in kindergarten.

Her relationship with the children is very positive and empathetic, creating a welcoming and safe environment where children can feel comfortable and worry-free. Her interest in children and their development, combined with her expertise, allows her to create an optimal educational program and provide quality care.

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Her discerning approach to staff selection is a testament to her commitment to quality childcare. They always strive to find and select the best candidates who are responsible, empathetic and professionally skilled so that the children receive the best possible education and care.

Kindergarten director from 2020


our team of professional experts

Yellow class

Bc. Františka Bobková

Class teacher of the yellow class
Tel: +421 905 720 229

Katarína Milaničová

Katarína Milaničová


Green class

Nikoleta Vargova

Green Class Teacher
Tel: +421 918 988 103

Patrícia Franková


Ivana Orgovánová

Ivana Orgovánová

Teaching assistant

Red Class

Natália Sitarova

Red class teacher
Tel: 421 918 988 102

Ivana Vargová

Ivana Vargová


Blue Class

Mgr. Lenka Švábová

class teacher of the blue class
Tel: +421 918 988 104

Veronika Pajorová


Orange class

Alžbeta Toporová

Alžbeta Toporová

Purple class teacher

Beata Kissová

Starting teaching staff

Purple class

Katarína Kriššová

Purple class teacher

Anna Red


Anna Red

Teaching assistant

Professional trainers

Jana Turan – swimming

Zuzana Mimovicova – swimming

Ing. Andrea Görcsosová – gymnastics

Jakub Rugolský – football coach, ball games

Ing. Veronika Sotáková – skating

Jaka ski – ski courses

Professional staff

Mgr. Ľudmila Dvořaková – speech therapy

Mgr. Katarína Angelovičová – English

PhDr. Viera Podracká

PhDr. Martina Trebunáková

Operational staff

Eva Takáčová

Jana Kišová

Gabriela Spodníková

Henrieta Šolcová


Simona Majnuš – head of the kitchen

Alica Peničková – head cook

Patrícia Timková – assistant cook

Timea Drábová – assistant cook

Managing Director

Ing. Henrieta Altmanová