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Súkromná materská škola
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Súkromná športová materská škola, s.r.o.

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ČSOB, a.s.
IBAN: SK05 7500 0000 0040 2969 3654
Zapísaná v OR OS Košice I., oddelenie Sro, vl. č.: 3180/V

Skole at London has a unique combined indoor/outdoor playground located directly on-site at the center. The playground equipment is appropriate for Infants through Kindergarten Prep so that children of all ages can play outside each day.
Not only is our center open all year, we also accept registrations and enroll children throughout the year. Give us a call to learn more about a schedule and start date that work for your family.
Yes! Our center offers a full-day Preschool program for children ages 3 and older. Preschool is a big year. We’ve designed our program to give you complete confidence in every aspect of your child’s experience; from health and safety; to ready-for-school curriculum; to the full support of experienced teachers. Just as important, our program is based on what research says best prepares children for kindergarten…and all the big steps ahead.
Bright Horizons conducts a comprehensive background check on all prospective employees and frequent visitors. The background check consists of a county criminal record check for the past seven years performed in all counties that a person has lived, worked or attended school. In addition to the county criminal search, a sex offender search, OFAC search and a social security verification trace are also conducted. For all location employees, program licensing background checks required by the state are also performed.

The decision to allow for a child’s picture to be taken at a Skole facility is at the discretion of the family. Some families allow pictures to be used strictly within the classroom (i.e. to label cubbies), some allow pictures to be used both internally and externally (i.e. for our center-wide website), and still others do not allow pictures of their children to be taken at any time – no exceptions. In any case, we will respect your rights and your decision.